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Pettobox, based in California, is an online, local neighborhood, and mission-driven pet brand. We develop design-forward and ecologically sound pet products that support a more sustainable and bright future. 

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Meet Pixel and Sophie

Their human parents got them some Catbuzz for the holiday. Watch as they try out their favorite catnip!

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From the Humans

The packaging is what sold me initially, it is so cute and sturdy enough to keep the cats out of it. I've given my cats nip before and they liked it, but this stuff was different. All three of my girls completely lost it! My youngest was doing somersaults and trying to squeeze into a tiny box that i put some nip in. I had to hide the container or they would have tried to tear into it! It's extremely reasonably priced, too, and shipped the next day! HIGHLY recommend this catnip.


My senior cat went right to this catnip which is packaged in a cute, little cardboard canister. The packaging is adorable and the catnip appears to be high quality - no hard stick pieces. The higher price may be explained by part of the company's mission, helping save the ecosystem. I will buy again!


My cat nearly tore open the packaging to get at the nip! The catnip itself comes in a little sack within the canister. Once I pulled out the sack, my cat stuck his head directly in the canister before jumping at my hands that held the sack of catnip. I'd say the product works even better than expected!


My cats are very spoiled! I just bought fresh catnip for them and had it delivered from @pettobox and they are loving it! So much so that my cat almost ripped it out of my hand, then fought with his sister over it. It's that good!


Upon opening, me and my cats were hit with a full force dank nip aroma. This smelled SO fresh and had the minty scent note that all good, fresh catnip has. This is the first time one of my cats has ever responded to catnip after many tries. 10/10.


Piper is too high, and foster kitten Parker has no idea what is going on 😶 Swipe to see her lost in thought, contemplating the meaning of life 🤯 Thanks @pettobox for this mindblowing catnip!

Catbuzz catnip has a really nice aromatic scent. I've found that some catnip doesn't really have much of a scent, but this product smells very floral. My cat LOVED it. Her level of interest in Catbuzz was off the charts compared to the less expensive, run of the mill catnip. I love that packaging doesn't include any plastic. So, this catnip is worth the expense. I'm planning on gifting this stuff to all the weirdo cat-lovers in my life.


AWESOME product!! My cat was sleeping in less than a minute of rubbing Catbuzz on the scratcher he raced down and started sniffing and rubbing himself all over it! Much stronger fresher aroma than any catnip we've ever bought! We won't be buying any other, and buying organic puts our minds at ease!!


My cat Jack loves it. A smaller amount makes him nice and High. His buzz lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour and he is a very contented boy. I appreciate the no-plastic packaging. And it’s a good amount of catnip for the amount of money it costs.


Cats Simply Love Our Catnip!

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