About Us

Founded in 2020, Pettobox is a pet supply brand focused on developing eco-friendly, sustainable, and design-forward products for pets and the human homes that they live in.

A Greener Future
Our Mission

To improve the healthy well-being and quality of life for all pets around the world while fostering a more sustainable future.

Your Pets, Our Family
Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a family of animal lovers who were concerned about the negative impact that pet products had on the environment. They realized that there was a need for a company that could provide eco-friendly pet products that were both safe for pets and the planet.

They put their heads together and created a brand that would make a difference. The brand's name was "Pettobox ('petto' is Japanese for pets)," and it was all about offering pet products that were sustainable, biodegradable, made from natural materials, and beautifully designed that can be showcased in homes.

They worked hard to source the best materials for their product while being committed to supporting other small businesses across the country and making sure that their packaging was 100% recyclable so that nothing went to waste.

Today with the support of pet moms and dads across the world, Pettobox is able to continue its commitment to creating a brighter future for everyone; pets and humans alike.

Our Products


The highest quality catnip; grown and harvested in the United States; wrapped in 100% eco-friendly packaging with a brilliant design you and your cats will love!

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Catbuzz Plus

By popular demand, the highest quality catnip is now big enough to share; grown, and harvested in the United States; wrapped in 100% eco-friendly packaging with a new design!

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