Catbuzz Featured on PetsGuide

Catbuzz Featured on PetsGuide

We are thrilled to learn that Catbuzz has been featured on PetsGuide for "The Best Catnip for Herb-Loving Kitties": 

While the cute packaging of this catnip is certainly a plus, it’s not what landed it on our list – it’s what hides inside it that deserves all the praise. This highest quality organic catnip is grown and hand-harvested by American family farmers in Rainier, Washington, at the peak of the season for freshness. As a result, the leaves and flowers harvested from this herb are at their maximum potency when they get to your pet’s paws! Non-GMO and locally grown, this catnip comes in a convenient cotton drawstring pouch, all packaged in a eco-friendly reusable tube container with a lovely kitty-inspired design. To boot, the packaging comes from a Chicago-based environmental packaging company, so all the supply chain supports USA small businesses. Doesn’t get more local than that!

Thank you to Angela Vuckovic and the team at PetsGuide for highlighting us!

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